Yunus Emre Demiray

PhD thesis title: Mechanism of integrin activation during neuronal differentiation

Start: 2015

Ufuk Emre Kul

PhD thesis title: Disturbed cognitive behavior and underlying cellular mechanisms in a model of fragile X tremor ataxia syndrome (FXTAS)

Start: 2016

Priyadharshini Prabhakar

PhD thesis title: Regional and sub-regional heterogeneity of astrocytes as determinants for viscoelastic tissue properties, neuronal function and aging

Start: 2018

Judith Wolf

MD thesis title: Macromolecular protein transport from synapse-to-nucleus regulates nucleolar function and facilitates protein synthesis in neurons

Start: 2018

Archana Durairaja

MD thesis title: Role of orexin neuropeptide in cognitive flexibility

Start: 2017