– My individual career perspectives! –

04. – 06.10.2023 I 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. I Roncalli Haus & virtual

After the great success of our last year Career Days, we are glad to announce our Female Career Days 2023 under the motto “My individual career perspectives!”. At the first day (04.10.2023), you will get the chance to meet and get inspired by successful female role models from the scientific community. In addition to the exciting talks and planned round table discussions, we will offer professional support in the form of individual CV checks and CV photo shoots.

At the second day (05.10.2023), you will get the chance to join one of the parallel workshops on “Self-presentation – How to say no with confidence” or „Networking as a key to success“.

At the third day (06.10.2023), we will offer individual career coaching sessions of 45 min to our participants.


Day 1: 04.10.2023 – in person

Welcome Prof. Dr. Daniela Dieterich (Dean of Medical Faculty, OVGU)

Guests Impulse Presentation & Round Table Discussions

Day 2: 05.10.2023 – online

Workshop 1: Self-presentation – How to say no with confidence

Leading scientists in any field most often show CVs that are filled with dozens of pages of publications, projects and other amazing side-activities, suggesting that they accept and take full advantage of every opportunity they are offered.

However, saying yes to one thing inevitably takes away time and energy from something else. With piled up commitments, the time and energy left for core academic activities fall short. Therefore, knowing when and how to say no to colleagues, collaborators, supervisors, friends and family is absolutely essential to actively create the successful work life that you love.

This highly interactive training by Dr. Insa Flachsbarth (MOJE) will take you through a variety of experiential, relatable as well as highly effective and practical tools.

Workshop 2: Networking as key to success!

Networking is more than just collecting contacts. Within a network it is easier to carry out projects together, start cooperation’s, exchange knowledge and shape career paths.

In this workshop leaded by Dr. Angela Daalmann (Anda GmbH), you will learn how to benefit from a network. You will learn how to systematically and strategically build and expand networks, how to maintain them, and how to navigate networks to meet your special needs. You will have the opportunity to analyze your existing network and increase the power of your contacts.

Day 3: 06.10.2023 – online

Individual Career Coachings

Do you want to clarify your professional perspectives? Do you want to receive feedback on your career strategy or personal development plans? Or do you want to discuss next career steps and learn about applications procedures inside and outside of Academia? Then take the chance to sign up for an individual career coaching session with beruf und leben GbR!


This year we have a 2-step-registration process. Initially, you register for the entire event until 15.08.2023. After the registration deadline, everyone will have the opportunity to register for the individual offers such as workshops, CV checks, CV photo shoots and career coaching sessions through a separate registration link sent by email after August, 15th.

Registration for the entire event. The registration will be open until August, 15th.


Organization Committee

Dr. Esra Boz, Dr. Anika Dirks, Dr. Sandra Dittrich, Bianca Dupré, Dr. Julia Rödiger and Sandra Schinkel.