The RTG 2413 put special emphasis to include medical students into the program to foster the understanding of the importance of translational research and at the same time to improve the scientific training of MD students from an early stage onwards and allow them to develop into clinician scientists.

Our current MD students:

Alwin Hassler

MD thesis title: The influence of  polyamines on the synaptic plasticity of aging cortex neurons

Start: 10.2019

Linked to: Project 1

Helene Arndt

MD thesis title: Molecular underpinnings of high-risk aging: Neuronal insulin signaling, amyloidosis and the metabolic syndrome

Start: 10.2019

Linked to: Project 4

Rebecca Boer

MD thesis title:Age-dependent role of the neurovascular unit in cerebrovascular diseases

Start: 10.2019

Linked to: Project 5

Luisa Strackeljan

MD thesis title: Modulation of perineuronal nets and perisynaptic extracellular matrix by microglia in young and aged mouse brain

Start: 10.2019

Linked to: project 6

Philipp Ulbrich

MD thesis title:Study of TIMP-3 expression, glia activation and perineuronal/perisynaptic ECM alterations in cerebral small vessel disease

Start: 10.2019

Linked to: Project 7

Wilhelm Hussler

MD thesis title: Brain extracellular matrix proteins in cerebrospinal fluid and serum  of epilepsy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and cerebral amyloid  angiopathy affected humans

Start: 11.2019

Linked to: Project 8

Sabrina Keiper

MD thesis title: Modulation of proteostasis in neurons and astrocytes byapplication of metformin and methotrexate

Start: 10.2019

Linked to: Project 9

Lena Haag

MD thesis title: Effects of L-DOPA on memory consolidation in high- and low- performing amyloid-negative older adults

Start: 04.2020

Linked to: Project 12